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Cree brings in new billions

Cree brings in new billions

International investors have filled Cris’ money with $ 300 million to facilitate expansion in Europe, which is close to SEK $ 2.7 billion. The online medical company operates under the name Livy in France and the United Kingdom. It is also available in Germany and Norway.

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A News Release Cry Writes New money, among other things, will go to scale up the maintenance site and acquire and direct new employees.

– In Sweden, we will continue to invest in improving the patient and developing our digital body approach in more regions. That growth will continue as we face other key challenges. Among other things, it is about treating and preventing the best diseases through our ICPD program, research and findings that will change how patients are treated in the future. We will also create digital care for chronic patients with comprehensive care needs so that they can live improved and independent lives, ”CEO Johannes Schild said in a letter to Dagens Medicine.

In the latest investment round, Svenska Docladet claims that Cry is worth more than two billion dollars, about 17 billion kroner. Cry has teamed up with Clarna, also known as Unicorn. That is, a privately owned start-up company worth more than a billion dollars.

Earlier last year, Cry raised SEK $ 1.5 billion in another financial round.

Pension companies invest

New Leading Investors in Crawford:

Retirement Institution CBP Investments (CBPIP) – Canada pension plan investment can be described as equivalent to Canada’s Sweden ABI funds.

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Fidelity Investments (FMR), an American financial institution, is one of the largest financial and financial institutions in the world.

Former investors Ontario Teachers Retirement Plan (Ontario Teachers), Index Ventures, Agel, Grindam and Project A participated in the latest investment round.

Source: Gain.


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