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ADÈE releases new single "Resuscitate" on Friday and collaborates with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart in 2021!

ADÈE releases new single “Resuscitate” on Friday and collaborates with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart in 2021!

Artist and artist Adée keeps up with new music, “Resuscitate” A song she wrote the last time she was in the UK, before the current pandemic broke out. She wrote the song with Dan Evans who also produced it. The song’s lyrics revolve around the classic theme of heart-breaking. The special thing here is that Adée wrote the song with Dan the day after the breakup, which makes the song even more sensitive for her. Dan Evans has previously written ia songs for John Legend, Amy Wedge, and Charlotte Haining. A lot has happened in 2020 for Adée. She landed a song on the soundtrack to the American series Gentefied on Netflix, held a series of faithful anti-pandemic concerts at the Kalmar Museum of Art, released her EP Live from Neighborhd, Birmingham, landed her two most recent solos on PSL’s Top 20 list, and worked with five DJs from GB who They released an EP remix of her previous single “Pwrply” etc. A good year for Ida Adée Olsson from Öland. Recently, Adée also gained a reputation as an artist and songwriter, when she learned that she was named the second best songwriter by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and his global songwriting collaboration together with Trackd Music. Trident Records in London as the only Swede. Sweden’s Adée collaboration with Dave Stewart and Trident Records is planned in 2021, which we will return to in Spring 2021.

This week, Adée is focusing on his upcoming release with “Reuscitate”, which will be shown on Spotify on Friday 20 November.

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“Resuscitate” also has an official music video filmed on the East Side of land by Isabelle Beringert. The video is not listed and has not yet been released, so here you can taste the music and video.