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A woman dies in a suspected terrorist attack in France

A woman dies in a suspected terrorist attack in France

On Friday afternoon, a man assaulted employees at a police station in Rambouillet, outside the French capital, Paris. He pulled out a knife and stabbed a 49-year-old police officer. She died at the scene, despite attempts at rescue by rescue workers, he writes the world.

The police opened fire and shot the perpetrator, who died of his wounds.

The incident is being investigated as a terrorist crime.

According to the prosecutor, Jean-Francois Ricard, in charge of the unit in the French public prosecutor’s office charged with investigating terrorism crimes, the man carrying the knife made “statements” regarding the act indicating that it might be a terrorist crime. According to Le Monde newspaper, witnesses who stood at a distance from the scene said that the man shouted “God is Great” twice during the attack.

President Macron: “We will not give up our fight”

French President Emmanuel Macron points to Islamic extremism as the motivation behind this act.

“We will not give up our fight against Islamic terrorism,” Macron wrote on Twitter, referring directly to the stabbing incident.

He introduces the woman as Stephanie and writes that France stands by her family and colleagues.

Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen visited the crime scene on Friday afternoon.

Castex wrote on Twitter that the country had just lost one of its daily heroines “after an incredibly barbaric and cowardly act.”

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It also addresses the woman’s relatives.

“I want to express the support of the entire country for those closest to me. To our police force, I want to say that I share your feelings and your anger.”

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