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A strong storm is on its way to Sweden – “The Right Storm”

A strong storm is on its way to Sweden – “The Right Storm”

Warning about spoiled sausages issued in Sweden – “all researchers agree”

Many consider the Valo sausage to be one of the most Swedish icons out there.

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Bush at least implied as much when she brandished a sausage in a debate during last year’s election campaign to highlight rampant food prices.

– This is also a symbol of everything that is wrong with Sweden now, because a Falu sausage cost 25 kroner a year ago, and now it costs 40 kroner, as Ebba Bosch said at the time.

“All scholars agree.”

Now, this hugely popular food has become the subject of special scrutiny by the scientific community.

Valocurco is part of the so-called ultra-processed foods which, according to new studies, can be highly addictive.

According to the current study, up to 14% of adults and 12% of children may be addicted to ultra-processed foods, reports TV4.

We are accustomed to the concept of sugar addiction, but there is no diagnosis for food addiction at all. Having said that, all researchers agree that there is addiction-like behaviour, Christina Andersson, a nutritional physiologist and trainer at Karolinska Institutet, tells the TV channel.

Three components

The concept of ultra-processed foods includes industrially processed foods that often contain sugar, fat and salt – the same ingredients that researchers link to addiction.

– It’s low in fiber and full of energy, so we get a lot of calories in every bite. “We know this is not the way we should eat,” says Christina Anderson.

Also applies to pasta

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There are many examples of other common dishes that are also classified as ultra-processed foods and are therefore included in the same warning.

Prepared foods that are similar to what you can cook yourself, for example soups, stuffed pasta, sandwiches or wraps and frozen pizza or dumplings, the Swedish Food Agency highlights on its website.

Other examples provided by the authority include industrially produced whole wheat bread, soy burgers and low-fat mayonnaise.

Research follows

According to the Swedish Food Agency, several studies have shown that ultra-processed foods are primarily linked to obesity and chronic diseases.

Among the foods considered ultra-processed, there are many foods that we already know do not promote health – for example soft drinks, sweets, chocolate, potato chips, ice cream, cakes and pastries as well as processed meats such as sausages, the authority confirms. , which at the same time emphasizes that it follows continuous research into the question.

A message to worried parents

Many schools have recently introduced pasta and meatballs – ultra-processed foods – as alternative school lunches every day.

– I think that all methods of persuading children to eat are worth trying, this is what Helen Maureen Hanson, director of the Kelbergskolan School in Bolnas, who was the first to use this method, told SVT.

However, according to Christina Anderson, parents shouldn’t worry because it’s all about the “whole” and what else you eat in general.

picture: Mario Melnik respectively Hakan Dahlström

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