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A new variant of the Coronavirus – the authority warns of 11 symptoms

A new variant of the Coronavirus – the authority warns of 11 symptoms

Millions of Swedes today have banking identities from commercial entities in the form of private banks.

But there are also many who do not have a bank ID or any form of electronic identification.

This creates problems in daily life and leads to inequality.

Therefore, a new electronic identification system is now being introduced to the country, SR reports.

One million people lack a bionic leg

The bank ID card has received a lot of criticism, partly because many people lack the opportunity to obtain or use it.

Today there are nearly a million people in Sweden who cannot obtain an electronic ID card, Lotta Hämäläinen, an official at Digg – the digital management body, tells the radio channel.

Many elderly people cannot use banking ID because they find it difficult to handle a smartphone.

The same can apply to people with disabilities.

The other problem is that banks, which are private sector players, can choose not to deal with customers. This can affect, among other things, refugees who do not have a Swedish social security number.

In addition, it is thought to create uncertainty when private actors largely monopolize such an important social function.

– We have a dominant solution, which means that if it decreases, the risk is that society will stop, says Lotta Hämäläinen.

Physical plastic card

But now Sweden will introduce a state electronic identification system, which most other countries already have.

It will be introduced in 2026 and will be a physical plastic card.

– You place the card on the phone, and it is read wirelessly. This means that it will be easier to help your elderly mother, for example, says Lotta Hämäläinen to the radio channel.

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Digital wallet within the European Union

In the same year, the EU will also introduce a common electronic identification in the form of the EUDI Wallet.

– Key functions include the ability to provide electronic legitimacy to users across national borders, both in electronic services and in the case of physical presence, Digg said on its website.

Using a digital wallet, you will also be able to share other information about yourself throughout the European Union.

– What you fill out could be anything from theater tickets, a driver's license, educational credentials, prescriptions for medications, work certificates, or the rights to represent a particular company, Digg wrote.

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