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A new chapter in the history of Mercy ships - the custom-built Global Mercy™ hospital ship has been delivered

A new chapter in the history of Mercy ships – the custom-built Global Mercy™ hospital ship has been delivered

After the official celebration of both completion and delivery at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard in China, the Mercy Ships charity has now officially launched a newly built hospital ship and the largest civilian ship in the world.

Delivery of the newly built hospital ship global mercy, from the shipyard to the ship owner Mercy Ships, in the presence of representatives of Mercy Ships, the project manager from Stena RoRo and the shipyard management. Mercy Ship employees and crew from around the world participated digitally remotely. With this, the construction of the ship was completed and the first operation on board was one step closer. A traditional handover ceremony is performed by the shipyard to bring good luck to the ship and its crew on the Seven Seas.

Don Stevens, founder of Mercy Ships, attended the event via the link:
“It is a dream come true today – not only for us but also for those we help. I have often heard African chiefs and ministers of health express their wish that their healthcare staff could train in their home countries. This ship will enable just that. With disabilities and disfigurements on surgical and other care, they will therefore be able to live their lives to their full potential. We hope this new ship and the crew of volunteers working on board will bring hope, healing and life-changing transformations to people over the next 40-50 years.”

Bear Westling, CEO of Stena RoRo, who was in charge of implementing the project, also spoke at the ceremony, saying: “We are very proud to have delivered this special vessel. The operations to be carried out on board ships have placed special and high requirements on shipbuilding. This was the first time the shipyard had built this type of vessel – a challenge they managed very well. For Mercy Ships, delivery means their ability to help is more than doubled, and at Stena RoRo we’re happy about that global mercy Being a part of their amazing work.”

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Mercy Ships began work on the new ship over eight years ago. In 2013, agreements were signed, the keel extension process took place in 2015, and at the end of April this year, the official test flight at sea, called “sea trial”, can be carried out with good results.

Final equipment of the world’s largest civilian hospital ship
In July sails global mercy against Europe. From early September, it will be equipped with IT, medical technology and inland details in the port of Antwerp. This is where hiring with volunteers begins. During the first quarter of 2022, global mercy, He then moved to Rotterdam, showing it to sponsors, potential volunteers, the media and other interested parties. Before it is fully operational, its arrival in Africa will also be celebrated in Dakar, Senegal.

double capacity
Five billion people in the world do not have access to safe surgery at a cost they can afford, and medical conditions requiring surgery account for nearly a third of the total burden of disease in the world (The Lancet 2015). Mercy Ships has been providing safe surgical care in Africa for over 30 years. With global mercy One builds on this action. The new ship is equipped with first-class training facilities that will help multiply the benefits of the efforts in the recipient countries. Volunteers with different professional backgrounds will work alongside local healthcare staff. The ship’s 12 decks include six operating rooms, 200-person care areas, a full laboratory and training equipment to simulate different care situations.

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global cooperation
Swedish shipbuilder Stena RoRo was responsible for the implementation of the unique and world-class project. Frenchman Barry Rogliano Salles, BRS, helped write the contract, final design made from Finnish Deltamarin and built in China. global mercy It is rated by the Lloyds Register in the UK and sails under the Maltese flag. Several other companies from around the world have contributed to the completion of the vessel, which is the first of its kind.

Volunteers can still apply
In the upcoming season, Mercy Ships is ramping up the recruitment of volunteers willing to contribute their knowledge and time for shorter or longer periods. More than 640 people with expertise in fields including medicine, shipping and information technology will live and work global mercy. When the ship is in port, it has a capacity of 950 people. Nowadays, Mercy Ships has volunteers from more than 60 different countries. More information about volunteering on board can be found here:

Global Mercy’s joke:
Height: 174 meters
Width: 28.6 meters
Depth: 6.15 meters
Total: 37 thousand tons
Dodfect: 5448 tons
Total area: 30 thousand square meters


  1. The inaugural ribbon was cut in the shipyard, Tianjin Xingang and now Global Mercy is officially our property ملك
  2. Some of the people who participated and made this work possible
  3. Wang Xiaohai, President of XGSIC Shipbuilding and Jim Patterson, Mercy Ships
  4. Global Mercy during the test flight at sea

For more information please contact:
Thomas Franson, CEO of Mercy Ships, [email protected] Car: +46729 85 07 77
Stefan Sonnison, Sweden’s next CEO, Mercy Ships, Cars: [email protected] +46 730400205
Birgitta Blehm, PR Mercy Ships Sverige, [email protected]; Car: +46707 77 12 90
Stanley Ecklund Marketing Communications Mercy Ships Sweden,
[email protected] Car +46760 74 72 45

Mercy ships It provides, through hospital ships, free, high-quality healthcare, healthcare capacity building and sustainable development to those with the fewest resources. Mercy Ships was founded by Don and Dion Stevens in 1978 and has since worked in more than 55 developing countries, nurturing and developing over SEK 17 billion and treating more than 2.8 million people. The ships’ crew consists of approximately 1,200 volunteers annually from more than 60 countries. They are surgeons, dentists, nurses, nursing educators, teachers, chefs, seafarers, engineers and agricultural experts who devote their time and skills. With offices in 16 countries and African hubs, Mercy Ships strives to make a difference for people and help nations.
For more information, see:


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