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A lot of British breweries are closing down

A lot of British breweries are closing down

The economic crisis is hitting smaller British breweries hard. So far, two breweries each week have been forced to close for the year.

Already in the past year it has been difficult for many breweries in the British Isles. In total, about 80 breweries have had to shut down operations, as the economic crisis closes in on restrictions implemented during the pandemic.

But the danger now is that this year will be even more difficult. So far this year, 36 British breweries have been forced to close. One of the most famous is the London brewery Brew By Numbers, which was part of the beer community in the Bermondsey area.

At the same time that beer drinkers have less money to spare, raw material prices have also skyrocketed, and there are examples of breweries having to raise their prices by 20 percent.

Brewdog’s James Watt said earlier this year that a pint of Punk IPA should cost £27 to cover all costs.

According to analysts, this could be a really disastrous year for British breweries, and more than 100 beer producers were forced to shut down their operations during the year,

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