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A fire in a kindergarten in Tynnered

A fire in a kindergarten in Tynnered

SOS was alerted to the fire at 05.15am on Monday.

– When we arrived, we made sure it was on fire. There is a fire in the facade and it extends to the roof. “We think it was a motorcycle that started burning from the outside,” says Joachim Hallen.

This is the part where preschool starts to burn out.

A large number of units are on site to put out the fire in the nursery. At 05.52, the rescue service announced that the attic was completely on fire.

At 06:40, the fires subsided somewhat.

-We are on site and working at full capacity. Bettina Svensson, an alarm and line operator at the rescue service, says the fire is still burning a bit.

According to the GP photographer on site, there were no open flames visible from the preschool.

The nearby primary school is open

The preschool in Vättnedalsskolan is located on the same site as grades 1 to 6, but according to the primary school director, it can be open as usual.

-It’s in the same area and same address, but according to the rescue manager, we can operate as usual. As long as the wind doesn’t fluctuate in any strange way, it shouldn’t affect anything, says school principal Helena Kohlberg.

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