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A British author writes a Swedish family saga

A British author writes a Swedish family saga

Ruth Kvarnstrom-Jones describes her previous work life as ideal. Until pneumonia prompted her to quit her job and start writing a novel instead. Now she makes her debut with the first part of a family tale about the fictitious archipelago town of Hålholm.

Some become Francoists or Anglophiles in their teens. Others, like Ruth Kvarnstrom Jones, it snows in Sweden.

– The village scout association exchanged with the Karlstad Scouts and dreamed of learning the Swedish language. That's why I studied Scandinavian Studies in London and was able to live in Sweden for half a year already in my first year of study. What a summer! I spent all the money on records, newspapers and Swedish ice cream.

As autumn approached, Ruth took the train home with a lot of luggage – including a whole princess cake – and she could also speak Swedish fluently. Once she finished her studies, Ruth settled in Stockholm, raised a family and started her own copywriting and translation company.
– Working life was perfect. But when I became bedridden with pneumonia and had time to think, I knew it was time to step down and pursue the dream of writing a book.

And now it's finally here. Hallholm – Lovisa's choice It is the modern day Romeo and Juliet, a family saga set in a picturesque setting in the Stockholm archipelago, and spanning the events of the 1920s to the modern era. A story about love, loyalty and delicious cinnamon buns.

Ruth Kvarnstrom Jones comes from Great Britain, a country with a strong tradition of good, feel-good writing. However, she believes it is obvious to set the novel in a Swedish setting.

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-Lovisa came to me in Swedish. The problem was rather that I wanted a place with the characteristics of Sigtuna but the location of Vaxholm. So I created my own place. I would like to live in Halholm myself.

Since the novel is based on events dating back 100 years, it took a lot of research to get the details right. The author has studied the Nordic Museum's collections, read about Stockholmiana, and watched old newsreels.

-I became very interested in Swedish history and especially Stockholm history while at university – albeit for a limited period of time.

About the author

Ruth Kvarnstrom Jones (born 1962) was born and raised in Great Britain, but has lived in Stockholm for 30 years. I've worked almost as long as a copywriter, on everything from print media to web pages and storefront logos.
Ruth Kvarnstrom Jones attended the Curtis Brown Creative Program in London, where she was one of fifteen students from around the world selected for the popular novel writing course.
Hallholm – Lovisa's choice It is her debut novel, and the first part of the series set in the fictional community of Halholm.

About the book

Lovisa Lindegren is living the life of her dreams in London, until she loses her job and her self-absorbed fiancé in the same week.

Distraught, Loviza returns to Hålholm where she inherited her grandparents' bakery and café on the square; Yes, the entire 18th-century house where Grandpa Johan baked his famous cinnamon buns and Grandma Amelia sewed the high fashions of Stockholm society is on the middle floor.

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But the will contains a problem: if Lovisa wants to sell the property before she turns 30, she must sell to the other branch of the family – the Halholm family. After a tragic event in the past, Lovisa also inherited the deep and bitter feud between the Lindegren and Halleholm family branches.

When industrial tycoon Ruben Hallholm uses all his corrupt power to force Lovisa to sell the house, she must consider her limited options. Do you dare to open the bakery again? Does she have what it takes to continue the family tradition? When Robin's brother Axel returns to Halholm and feelings awaken within Lovisa, she is faced with a more difficult choice: does she choose a happy life with Halholm or remain loyal to her beloved grandmother Amelia?Hallholm – Lovisa's choice The first part is about a family in a small archipelago town. The rights have already been sold to several other countries.

Title: Choose Lovisa
author: Ruth Kvarnstrom Jones
Publication: September 9, 2020
(Audiobook released August 11)
appearance: commitment to

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