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9 things you can eat to relieve a sore throat

9 things you can eat to relieve a sore throat

Waking up with a sore throat is never fun. Every meal can feel like a razor blade in your throat and most of all you wanted to sleep again and wait until it was over. But no matter how bad we feel, the body needs energy, so unfortunately cutting out food completely is not a good plan, according to Women’s health article.

What you should invest in is a food that has a lot of nutrition. However, what you eat isn’t going to be a magic bullet to keep you healthy, according to chief medical officer Nate Favigny.

The most common cause of a sore throat is an infection. The virus and your immune system’s response is what causes the mucous membrane of the throat to become inflamed and infected, he said.

On the other hand, what we eat can speed up our recovery, but it is important to choose the right foods and refrain from foods that can make a sore throat worse.

What should I avoid?

Before we list what helps with a sore throat, it is worth mentioning what to preferably avoid. Jacqueline Tolentino believes that it is better not to eat acidic and harsh foods.

These can make the throat more sensitive, so you should forget about things like alcohol, coffee, crackers, or chips, she says.

There is also a risk that you may experience heartburn if you ingest too much acid, which in turn can aggravate a sore throat. Strong sauces with chili or cayenne pepper can also be kept on the shelf when you have a sore throat.

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For people with allergies or acid reflux, some dairy products, and sometimes tomatoes, can increase mucus production in the throat. It’s best to consult a doctor, says Jacqueline Tolentino.

So what’s the best thing you can eat for your throat?


As we have already experienced, sore throats are caused by inflammation, but also by dehydration. Cynthia Lee, M.D., focusing on internal medicine and author of Brave New Medicine explains that this is why soup is your best friend when a sore throat.

“Liquids like broth in soup not only make up for lost water, but salt also helps your body retain fluid within the tissues,” she says.

2. Honey

Honey has been a miracle remedy for curing infections and colds for a long time, which is not surprising.

Dr. says. Cynthia Lee.

But she points out that there is no need to exaggerate, honey is still a sugar solution.

– If there are very large doses, it can prevent the immune system from doing its job, she said.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of protein along with healthy carbohydrates and fats. Plus, it contains probiotic bacteria that strengthen the immune system and keep harmful bacteria away, according to Dr. Cynthia Lee.

She explained that there was also a link between yogurt consumption, lower ear infections, and pneumonia.

Plus, the smooth, cold texture of yogurt is easy to swallow when nothing else helps, she says.

4. Potatoes

Magnesium, Vitamin C and Antioxidants. All this in a potato peel. Leaving it on when you’re making mashed potatoes can help strengthen your immune system, according to Women’s Health.

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but! Make sure that the mashed potatoes are not too hot when you eat them, as they can irritate your throat even more.

5. eggs

Rich in minerals like zinc, iron and selenium as well as vitamins D and B12. Eggs can help ward off the harmful infection that causes a sore throat, but be sure to make scrambled eggs even gentler on the throat!

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In general, it’s better to have food that’s easy to swallow when you have a sore throat and what’s better than porridge?

According to Cynthia Lee, porridge is also rich in minerals and antioxidants that can free the body from infection. Again – just make sure the porridge is not too hot! Food that is too hot won’t feel so soothing.

7. Ginger

This tropical herb is a miracle cure without a hitch. It’s even proven! Researchers studied the healing properties of ginger and found that it has analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, writes the Women’s Health website.

A study published in Nutrition Journal also showed that a mixture of honey and ginger proved to be more effective than both.

Doctor. Cynthia Lee adds that many people with sore throats also have a runny nose. This can irritate the stomach and cause nausea that ginger helps counteract.

8. Smoothie

Most often, the most important nutrients are hidden in fruits and vegetables. But when you’re in pain, your throat may not feel more comfortable.

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What better way than juicing? Look for ingredients like cabbage, celery, and berries that are full of disease-fighting antioxidants and have low levels of sugar.

Instead of using orange juice as a base, try plain water and oranges. Oranges contain insulin-regulating fiber, as well as a hefty dose of vitamin C.

9. Glass

Last but not least, we have an obvious favorite here. Everything cold helps relieve a sore throat, so if you’re a fan of ice cream, take it easy. But beware of overeating, keep in mind that ice cream still contains a lot of sugar!