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5 Quick: Gran Turismo 7 Preview

5 Quick: Gran Turismo 7 Preview

Like its six predecessors, or is this too similar to the GT Sport?
No, Gran Turismo 7 is of course a fitting return to the basic recipe behind all the numbered games in the series and unlike Gran Turismo Sport, the focus will not be on FIA regulations or racing cars. In Gran Turismo 7 it’s again all about getting driver’s licenses, expanding your garage, collecting “road cars” and tuning them as little or as much as you want.

So it automatically becomes less realistic than the GT Sport – too?
definitely. In a game that simulates the real physics of real racing cars as in Gran Turismo Sport and never allows the player to change the parts inside the car mechanically, it is of course easier to stick with the real (somewhat) only. In a game like Gran Turismo 7 where the player can change the steering line, gearbox, change the brakes, dampers or tires he wants and tune the car so that it is three to four times stronger than it looks when it rolled from the factory. In the world of racing, it is usually said by definition that 30% of all real simulations of chassis behavior, tire grip and slip angle are thrown out the window allowing the player to handle every little bit of the cars they choose to include. The lack of realism found in Gran Turismo Sport is quite evident in the gameplay pieces Polyphony have posted themselves online where it looks like we’re back to where we were in GT6, with all the cars going for something incredible in the curves and where the tire temperature no longer seems to matter so much About how blurry the car is.

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Both “Tuning” and “Styling” are back on the GT7, with a notice. Polyphony has put several years of development into the most comprehensive cutting-edge game series ever.

But isn’t the game series called “Real Driving Simulator”?
Sure, but it’s just smart marketing. Like Forza Motorsport (four not included), Gran Turismo has never been so realistic except for select parts of Gran Turismo Sport and when, as in Polyphony Digital’s numbered games, it uses an experimental tire physics model based on mathematical guesses rather than measured physical values ​​of what’s happening Inside a tire under extreme pressure, it’s really hard to achieve that realistic, vivid feeling in the tires which is the most important thing in a racing simulation. Gran Turismo might have been rather good at blending easy-to-understand, quiet racing and expansive realism along with a unique presentation that really made people want to unlock more cars, shop, trim, decorate, paint, repair, get a driver’s license plus drink, the gas-filled world the series has to offer. These games are always there.

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There won’t be electric cars as I wish at seven?
This is guaranteed. I can imagine everything from Tesla will be included in the Audi E-tron, the new Mercedes models, the Porsche Taycan models and everything in between. Given that Polyphony is constantly in ongoing negotiations with all the car manufacturers in the world who of course have their own desires about what to include from their product lineup and get the best insight into the game, I can only imagine how many sadly electric buggies will be included in Gran Turismo 7. We are with Gasoline in the veins Don’t despair, because the GT7 will contain up to 420 cars from the start, at the premiere, and from more than 30 different manufacturers. In other words, there will be no small block, and the focus is more than ever on the Vision Gran Turismo programme, where many of the automotive world’s leading designers have been able to break free completely and create the cars of their dreams.

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Gran Turismo 7
The menus and the main map itself are very reminiscent of what it looked like in Gran Turismo 4.

What will make the PS4 version different from the PS5 version?
GT7 for Playstation 4 will run in native 1080p resolution and 60fps, whether you’re driving a PS4 or PS4 Pro. On the other hand, Gran Turismo 7 for Playstation 5 will render the game in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second in screen refresh rate and this version will cost 100kr more than a PS4 game. Additionally, the PS5 will of course support ray tracing, have nearly non-existent charging times and offer full support for Dualsense chest feedback and adaptive triggers. According to Polyphony, they do well in creating the “correct” feel for how a race car’s gas/brake should feel using the adaptive function of the new trigger buttons. However, here at Gamereactor we’re more curious about how well the newly released Fanatec Gran Turismo steering wheel is implemented. Other than that, in addition to all this, the menu system and presentation will be very similar to that of Gran Turismo 4 Polyphony has added dynamic weather and has worked hard to build a functional mode that will seemingly give a sense of “Gran Turismo history”. In just over two months, we’ll know how successful they are.