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100,000 immigrants across the English Channel

100,000 immigrants across the English Channel

More than 100,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel on small boats from France to England since Britain began registering arrivals in 2018, according to official figures from Britain’s Home Office.

On Thursday, some 750 migrants were discovered who had arrived in 14 small boats heading towards the south coast of England. It is the highest number in a single day this year.

However, the final figure for 2023 is believed to be lower than last year, possibly due to bad weather and France’s stepped-up monitoring.

The journey through one of the world’s busiest waterways is dangerous and many migrants have drowned in the past decade. In 2022, about 45,000 people will make the perilous journey in small, often crowded boats.

The migration flow through the Channel is also a hot political issue. The Conservative government has promised to stop boat trips. Recently, a long-discussed set of laws has been put in place that gives authorities the right to immediately arrest those arriving by boat illegally, and deport them to their home countries or to a “safe” third country. The United Nations refugee agency has condemned the plans.

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