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1,000 security guards strike in England

1,000 security guards strike in England

On May 7, 2024, Security Guards in the UK – they are organised The union is the GMB – embarked on a 24-hour strike against G4S, launching the first round of industrial action against the company this month.

as GMB announced is coming More than 1,000 guards at employment agencies are involved in the conflict On pay: The main issue is G4S's pay offer, which is below inflation, meaning almost 70 per cent of security guards are now only paid the minimum wage.

GMB National Officer Eamon O'Hearn said: “These security guards work hard in a difficult, demanding and often dangerous job. They deserve a decent living wage for what they do. G4S doesn't want to give them that, so workers are taking matters into their own hands.”

The union has been fighting for better wages, but the company has ignored their demands for dignity and decency. These workers are taking the first step in the fight for fair wages, and they're doing so as they face a cost-of-living crisis. They know that a union is the only way an employer can provide good and safe jobs, win decent wages and good and fair working conditions for all workers.

The situation has reached a tipping point, leaving these critical security personnel with no option but to go on strike.

said Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europe: “GMB and security guards in Britain today are an inspiration to all of us and to the new generation of workers and that's why the slogan for the 6th UNI Europe Conference in March next year is Collective Bargaining – Real Say, More Pay.”

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Michala Lafferty, head of asset services at UNI Global Union, adds supportive voices.“We call on G4S management to resume meaningful negotiations that properly compensate and recognize staff's dedication and hard work. These workers deserve fair treatment and respect for their significant contribution to the organisation.” “We stand in full solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the GMB in this important fight for dignity and safety in the workplace. Their courage in tackling these long-standing issues is an inspiration to workers everywhere who strive for fair treatment and fair compensation.”