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🦾 ChatGPT diagnoses just like emergency doctors

🦾 ChatGPT diagnoses just like emergency doctors

  • ChatGPT was compared with doctors in a Dutch study.
  • ChatGPT version 4 got the diagnosis correct in 97 percent of cases.
  • Researchers see the potential of artificial intelligence in emergency departments.

Same result as the doctor

According to a new study conducted in the Netherlands, it appears that ChatGPT could be as effective as doctors when it comes to diagnosing patients who visit the emergency department. He writes TT.

In the study, they entered 30 patients’ physician notes on symptoms and physical examination findings into two versions of ChatGPT. The researchers then evaluated how well the system’s diagnosis suggestions matched the doctor’s and final diagnosis.

When the results were compared, doctors got the correct diagnosis out of the top five suggestions 87% of the time. These were the same numbers measured for Chat GPT version 3.5. But the latest version 4.0 of ChatGPT had the correct diagnosis in 97 percent of cases.

Great potential

“There is potential for it to be used in the future to save time and reduce waiting times in the emergency room. AI can also be a tool for less experienced doctors or to detect rare diseases,” says Heidi ten Berg from the Gerwen Bosch Hospital, one of the researchers who participated in the study.

The study was published in the scientific journal Annals of Emergency Medicine.

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