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Swedish-made adjuvant in new malaria vaccine – Svensk Pharmacy

Swedish-made adjuvant in new malaria vaccine – Svensk Pharmacy

The vaccine is called R21 He will be the second to receive such a recommendation from the World Health Organization. The vaccine was developed by researchers at Oxford University and the Serum Institute of India and is based on an adjuvant from Novavax, which is manufactured in Uppsala.

Magnus Sävenhed, CEO of Novavax, is proud of the company’s role in manufacturing the vaccine.

– This is a collaboration that Novavax has been involved in for many years and we are very proud of it today. This breakthrough is likely to accelerate and expand access to a safe, effective and potentially life-saving malaria vaccine, says Magnus Saviheid, CEO of Sweden’s Novavax, in a press release.

Recommendation R21 from the World Health Organization Based on preclinical and clinical data. The World Health Organization has previously recommended the RTS,S malaria vaccine, which will be available in African countries in early 2024, and R21 is expected to be available in the middle of the same year.

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