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🐳 Scientists are beginning to understand the basics of sperm whale language

🐳 Scientists are beginning to understand the basics of sperm whale language

  • Scientists have identified the basic components of sperm whale communication.
  • By analyzing more than 8,700 snippets of sperm whale clicks, a complex communication system resembling a phonetic alphabet was revealed.

Discovering the elements of communication between whales

Scientists studying sperm whales around the Caribbean island of Dominica have described for the first time the basic elements of how whales talk to each other. He writes AP.

Sperm whales are highly social mammals that communicate by forcing air through their respiratory systems to make rapid clicking sounds, which can sound like a very loud zipper underwater. These clicks are also used as a form of echolocation to help them track their prey.

In the study, the researchers analyzed more than 8,700 excerpts of sperm whale clicks, known as codas. They believe they have found four basic components that they believe make up this phonetic alphabet.

Pratyusha Sharma, the study's lead researcher and an expert in artificial intelligence and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated that this alphabet could then be used by whales in a large number of groups.

Scientific and conservation effects

Sperm whales appear to have sophisticated social bonds, and deciphering their communication systems could reveal similarities to human language and society, says David Gruber, founder and president of the Cetacean Translation Initiative (CETI) and a professor of biology at the City University of New York.

Jeremy Goldbogen, an associate professor at Stanford University, called the new research “extraordinary” and said it has “tremendous implications for how we understand sea giants.” He emphasized that if we can one day understand what sperm whales are saying, this knowledge should be used for conservation purposes, such as reducing the risk of whale collisions with ships or reducing noise levels in the ocean.

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