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Zuckerberg responds to the accusations

Zuckerberg responds to the accusations

In a job on their own Facebook account Zuckerberg wrote, among other things, that he does not recognize the picture painted by the company.

On Tuesday, a hearing was held by the committee in US Senate with Detective Francis Hogan. She was hired at Facebook and warned that the company was unable to curb hate and misinformation on its platforms.

Haugen also believes that the company’s leadership knows how to make Facebook and the Instagram photo platform more secure, but they are not making the necessary changes because they are prioritizing their “astronomical gains.”

Zuckerberg wrote in his letter that many of the accusations made against the company simply do not agree with him. Zuckerberg asks, “If we don’t care about fighting malicious content, why are we hiring more people who do than any other company in our field – even those who are older than us?”

“And if social media is responsible for the polarization of society as some claim, why are we seeing polarization increasing in the United States while remaining stable or declining in many countries with equal use of social media around the world?”

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