Zoopla’s New Tool Captures Social Media Leads

Zoopla has launched a retargeting product that enables agents to promote their business and properties to Zoopla site visitors on sites including Facebook and Instagram.

The tool called AdReach Express targets potential customers on the popular social media sites, collects data on them and their locations and displays a relevant Zoopla ad. When users click on the ad. they are engaged by a chat bot designed to collect a lead and forward it to a Zoopla agent.

Zoopla CEO Charlie Bryant says: “AdReach Express successfully drives leads and increases engagement, helping agents win more vital instructions, and gives our agents a competitive edge in an increasingly digital market where 90% of home searches start online.

“Our continued investment in technology and product is crucial as it gives us the ability to provide the most relevant tools at the best value for money for our agent clients.”

With so many people not just using but reliant on social media this new tool is something of a ‘must have’ for Zoopla. However, the really big prize for portals will surely be in working out how to harness not just the social media that consumers are using today – figures from Edison Research say Instagram usage has been fairly static over the last two years while Facebook actually lost 15m US users alone – but what they will be using in two, five or more years time.

Source Property Industry Eye
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