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Zero visibility is needed for fall accidents

Zero visibility is needed for fall accidents

Fall injuries cause great suffering to those affected and cost society billions of dollars, 16.8 billion annually according to the National Board of Health and Welfare. In Sweden, an average of five older people die every day from fall injuries. A long recovery period awaits those who “overcome” a fracture of the femoral neck. For the region and municipalities in Sörmland, direct costs were calculated at SEK 325 million in 2020 for fall injuries. In traffic, they operated with zero visibility for many years and the number of deaths rose from more than 1,000 to just over 200 a year.

The elderly are largely affected. In Sörmland, more than 3,000 people over the age of 65 are treated annually after a fall. The reasons are many. Loss of muscle strength a. It often begins before the age of fifty. Therefore, eating protein, which works to build muscle cells, is important for older people. Lack of exercise is another cause of frailty with increased risk of falling.

However, there are efforts to be made. Exercising is good, but exercising more regularly may be even better. Depending on each person’s ability, of course. Intensive for short periods is one way. A research project on this matter will start in the coming days in Sörmland with representatives of the region, the university in Dalarna and pensioners’ organisations.

Regular medication reviews and removing blockages at home are other measures. Food is also important. With adequate and correct nutritional intake, you can gain the strength required to be able to exercise and train. But food is not just a nutritional intake, it is part of the meal. For appetite to be sufficient, and for food to be tasty, more than ever, nutritious food is needed on a plate. Simply receiving a box of food at the door doesn’t go far in that direction.

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There are thousands of malnourished elderly people in private housing, according to a report by the National Board of Health and Welfare. He is under all criticism.

Together in the community, we should be able to provide the elderly with good meals, exercise and training. It’s about preventative health care. We retiree organizations are doing our part and participating in many ways. Training programs in the region with a larger number of older people are now scheduled to be implemented and evaluated. Projections regarding the number of falls are worrying reading (National Council for Health and Social Care report). It is beneficial for individuals and society alike to prevent fall injuries in different ways! When does insight lead to zero vision of falling accidents?