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Zelensky's shirt sold at auction - for 1.1 million

Zelensky’s shirt sold at auction – for 1.1 million

During a charity event at the Tate Modern in London, the now-famous wool sweater got a new owner. The auction club was set up by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the initial offer was 50,000 pounds.

Digging deep into your pockets and spending big, Johnson encouraged visitors, writes Telegraph.

In the end, the green wool went almost double – 90,000 pounds, which is just over 1.1 million Swedish kronor.

Kyiv tour can be purchased with the boxer

Before the start of the bid, Zelensky gave a speech via a link in which he thanked Boris Johnson, who had visited him in Kyiv and described him as brave. Johnson, in turn, described Zelensky as one of the most prominent leaders of the modern era. In the same speech, he promised that Britain, which had previously sent arms and supplies to Ukraine, would “continue to ramp up” its assistance for as long as possible.

During the auction at Tate, you can also bid on a tour of Kyiv with mayor and former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko as evidence.

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