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Youtube has stopped showing disapproval signs

Youtube has stopped showing disapproval signs

Youtube’s various features include the ability to like or dislike a video. Many thumbs up don’t offer anything extra in the form of payment, however, they can help the clip get better distribution and provide more traffic. Thumbs work similarly and can negatively affect the video based on the behaviors of other users.

However, the functionality has also been misused at times for the purpose of harassing users, which according to Youtube particularly against new and smaller channels. As a result, they conducted an experiment in which they hid the number of thumbs-ups for certain syllables. Analysis of the results shows that it has the desired effect, while reducing the number of “hate attacks”. As a result, I decided to Youtube now Permanently hide the number of rejection options for all content.

As part of this experience, viewers can still see and use the dislike button. But since the number wasn’t visible to them, we found it unlikely that they would target the video’s dislike button to increase the number. In summary, our experiment data showed a decrease in 1 attacker hate behavior. We also heard firsthand from younger creators and those just starting out that they were being unfairly targeted by this behavior – and our experience confirmed that this occurs at a higher rate on smaller channels. – YouTube

However, the function of like or dislike remains private. The channel owner can see the number in Youtube Studio, but only viewers can see the number of likes. This is intended to stop the abuse of disapproval tags and create a safer environment for content creators. Exactly when the counter disappears varies between users, as the update is constantly being rolled out.

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It’s worth noting that Youtube itself has also been hit by a significant amount of thumbs-up pointing down. YouTube’s “Rewind” video from 2018 remains the most disapproved clip on the platform to date, with a total of 19.67 million disapproved picks.

Is it important to you as a viewer to be able to see the number of pluses on a video?