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Your vote matters - join and contribute - NSD

Your vote matters – join and contribute – NSD

NSD should be your news communication medium. We want to be first with news of events and best at explaining their consequences. But we must also be a platform for discussion and opinions. We give readers the opportunity to express their position and make comments on the discussion and presenter page. Now, as a reader, you can participate and influence the flow of news in direct connection with the articles on our site. In the comments field, you can also ask us a question in the editorial office. We are there and will answer your questions whenever time permits.

loyal reader By Remember that previously it was possible to comment on our sites. Many readers then thought it was the comments that made the topic interesting. Your opinion matters and what you write can change the picture and give a new perspective.

your first time To comment on an article, you need to create a user at Ifrågasä, the company that handles and manages comments based on our press situation. We want you to provide your real name as the sender and we will also be able to verify your identity with a bank ID the first time you log in. This is because we believe it is important to be able to stand up for your opinion.

Comments will come To be moderate and do not tolerate insults, slander and insulting words. No mockery, hatred and threats. We are responsible for the good tone in the comments field and those who misbehave receive a warning or are suspended. This way, we think more people will benefit from reading and writing comments.

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Then browse to the site And give your opinion on it! Share your experience, like or ask a question Your comment can contribute to increasing the number of people willing to discuss the issue, and it can also contribute to us in the editorial office getting new suggestions for articles to follow. This way, you can participate and influence what is written in your newspaper. We hope the comments will also provide added value to you who don’t want to actively participate, but just read what others have written.

We hope you enjoy this and would like to share, feel free to share!