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You are blind - the United States is the greatest defender of freedom - Nuran

You are blind – the United States is the greatest defender of freedom – Nuran

The undersigned is a friend of the United States and considers this country, along with Great Britain, to be the greatest defender of liberalism, capitalism and freedom. Am I alone in Sweden? I think that Swedish media coverage, whether news or events, is negative from the perspective of one eye? That they in no case do not report the event or opinions according to the old rule, and that they must be objective and provide, when possible, the opinions of any parties on the issue / event.

Consequently, many Swedes may be under the impression that the United States is worse than it really is. Residents in neighboring countries demonstrate the incorrect reporting by doing everything possible to reach the United States. They vote just like people in other parts of the world, with their feet when they flee their undemocratic homelands. When did we Swedes hear our visual media do negative reports from countries like Cuba and Venezuela?

Why do our politicians, reporters, and world stars in sports, film, and the performing arts live in the United States if it’s as horrible as the media claims? If they do not live there, they will at least send their children to school there. Please stop the media, except for the lead pages, and try to follow the policy and instead go back to the old rules to report objectively and allow those involved to speak. Otherwise, we are no better than non-democratic countries where those in power own or completely control the media.

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Long live liberal and parliamentary