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Daniella Peri, grundare av Yoppie. Foto: Press/Montage

Yoppi wants to fix his menstrual period – now he is taking the job to Sweden: “Like ordering burgers”

Contractor Daniela Perry In 2016 it founded its femtech company Yoppie, with the aim of providing a platform for women to control their intimate health and menstruation. The idea is for users to adjust their subscriptions to products such as sanitary napkins and tampons that are linked to individuals’ menstrual cycles.

Although launched in Sweden, Yoppie has had its own site and marketplace in the UK for the past year and a half, and today, according to a press release, they attract 14,000 subscribers and 100,000 unique visitors a month to their site.

But now Yoppi will also be launched in Sweden.

“Getting started in Sweden feels incredibly exciting and timely. It’s time to create a digital solution to the needs of women. I do not understand why it should be easier to order a hamburger than to access solutions for various symptoms that occur to women every month,” says founder Daniela Perry:

“It’s unreasonable to be constantly shy about menstruation or wait 12 weeks to talk to a gynecologist. Our menstrual cycles are a superpower and we want to help women learn to understand themselves through Yoppie. We focus.

Yoppie has previously attracted heavy investors such as Voi investor VNV Global and Colle Capital, with the company raising 2. 2.2 million or approximately 22 million kroner in March this year.

The money that Daniela Perry said at the time would go to international expansion, but also to technological development and marketing.

Yoppie is registered in the UK and we do not know what the company’s revenue will be today.

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