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WRC Generations |  Review |

WRC Generations | Review |

WRC 9 and WRC 10 were very similar. Did WRC Generations manage to create a game that feels fresh and modern.

Over the past seven years KT Racing has managed the WRC license and has had good results in my opinion. Certainly, in WRC 9 and WRC 10 the development curve stalled and in many cases it was like playing the same game again with a few changes. Now is the time for KT to hand over the license, but before they do, they release WRC Generations. Unfortunately, they don’t leave with the flag at the top.

If we want to be honest, the last three games in the series did not differ much from each other, but they were the same formula with a few innovations. With that said, I’ve sat there, every year, enjoying the great tracks and gameplay that leans more towards arcade racing than simulation. It was fun enough to keep me wanting to come back for more. After WRC 10, the machine felt like it had stopped, which made it feel like I was playing WRC 9 again. In WRC Generations it feels exactly the same.

KT Racing continues with the same proven rosters we’ve seen for a few years now. They also continue the same proven career mode as in the last games and for sure. It’s a good career mode but you’re starting to get tired of the exact same content over and over again. Even the winning vignette is the same as last year. I find it very difficult to directly distinguish anything different from the previous game. It’s still a very smooth and fun system and it still adds a lot being behind the scenes of the WRC team.

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You have the opportunity to hire your own team, which improves your chances of winning off the track, and the better things go, the more opportunities open up to be able to improve your car and the relationship with car manufacturers. As before, it will be as thin or as deep as you want it to be, which is most welcome.

In the grand scheme of things, height itself is still the focus. Just like before, you can drive historic races through history, test cars from other stables, and of course drive rallies around the world. The stages are still very fun to drive and a flawless stage pass is very satisfying. However, I think the physics of the car itself feels worse than last year. I often have to spend a lot of time slipping and working my way through certain stretches but not in a positive way but more so that I don’t really know how to face it. Maybe it’s because the developers went more in the direction of simulation and I just didn’t turn it over in my head. The car feels unstable, resulting in me repeatedly tripping over rocks and fences that cost me precious seconds. New to Generations is the ability to drive in hybrid cars, which means you can save seconds by firing the gas correctly and using the electronic motor the right way. Personally, this seems like a very small addition that doesn’t justify a whole new game.

In terms of appearance, I also think it feels very uneven. Some stretches look incredibly beautiful when the sun shines through the trees and warms the sand. The next moment the colors look completely wrong and everything that is white changes color and looks weird. The game jumps between looking totally pretty and feeling old and ugly. If, like me, you’re playing on a brand new Playstation 5, it’s not hard to feel a certain disappointment with the graphics. It feels, just like the rest of the game, very half-baked and limp.

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If we jump to the audio, nothing stands out except that the map reader still doesn’t keep up with all the electronic events and sounds incredibly well. Then I’m not a big fan of using the speaker on the control to simulate different background sounds. This can be turned off, which I recommend to everyone.

If you want to play online, the game again offers many different tournaments and challenges that extend the life of the game. Current competitions and pools are announced every week, and if you have friends to compete with, this is still a good multiplayer game. But like I said, not much new under the sun unfortunately.

WRC Generations is a fun rally game where stages shine again. Unfortunately, the whole game feels like stale food in the cupboard if you’ve played any of the last three games in the series. Nothing feels so new that it justifies a purchase if you already own, say, WRC 10. However, if this is your first game in the series you probably won’t be disappointed, the game does its job and it’s still very fun to thunder. Through the Finnish forest at a very high speed.

The good

  • Great extensions
  • Fun career mode


  • Same game again
  • The graphics look uneven


written by: Roger Nelson