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WPP won Coca-Cola - Summary

WPP won Coca-Cola – Summary

It is now clear that WPP has beaten Coca-Cola as a customer Many media. In the last round, it was between WPP and Publicis Group, which gets the contract after a pitch that lasted 11 months. Tenzu, Interplug and Accenture Interactive were the others on the field. Dentsu is responsible for Japan and Korea, which means WPP will win 90 percent of Coca-Cola’s media business.

According to an interview Manuel Arroyo Placeholder Image, Coca-Cola’s Global Marketing Manager, which attracts WPP’s global presence above all else. Coca-Cola is the 17th largest advertiser in the world and has spent $ 3.2 billion on marketing in the first nine months of 2021.

Instagram is about to launch a subscription service
It is reported that Instagram will soon introduce a subscription function TechCrunch. Instagram declined to comment, but according to analytics firm Censor Tower and Utopia, technology companies’ new pricing levels indicate this. Among other things, you should include input for “subscriptions”, something that was not previously available in so-called “off-in purchases”. Over the summer, it has been rumored that the app has developed functionality for exclusive stories, which may be part of a future subscription model in use.

Dad on the way to recording sales
Voyage, Abbas’ album, became the fastest-selling physics album in the UK in its early days. Week. Over the weekend alone, 118,000 copies were sold, meaning the album is about to hit Ed Sheerans Album =, which sold the fastest in four years.

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Circle K testar AI-scanning in USA
It suggests that a type of AI scan will be introduced in Circle Q tests at six different locations in Arizona, USA. Advik. Technology records what items the customer is carrying, and the bar code is scanned into the application before you leave the store. Therefore, no money or self-examination is required. Similar technology has been used by the Swedish press since last summer.