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World record and third Olympic gold for Caeleb Dressel

World record and third Olympic gold for Caeleb Dressel

The winning time was written to 49.45 and was an improvement over the two-year-old Dressel’s world record.

The second was Hungarian Kristof Milak who ended up at the start of the race but came back strong at the end. It was down 23 percent at 49.68. Swiss Noe Ponte finished third with a time of 50.74 seconds.

“I felt it would be between me and Christoph and then it would be nice if the man next to you was the one you should hit,” says Dressel.

When the letters “WR” (world record) appeared on the scoreboard, Dressel broke into a big smile and took Melak, who was swimming on the track next to him, by the hand.

Dressel then extended his arm in the air victoriously. But after the 24-year-old said:

– Kristoff will make me unemployed one day, so I try to keep up as best I can.

‘Unacceptable to the United States’

This was the second singles world record during the Tokyo Games.

Otherwise, Dressel had a frantic final session with three races. In the 50-meter freestyle, he was a finalist with the fastest time (21.42), but in the mixed team race, the United States placed only fifth.

Fifth place is unacceptable to the United States. He then says it hurts.

Britain won the new world record time of 3.37.58.

Caeleb Dressel has won as many as three gold medals in Tokyo and can go for a maximum of five.

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Sarah Sjostrom finished fifth in the 100m freestyle. Photo: Daniel Stiller / Bildeberan