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World Cup All-Star Team - SHL Hill and Successful Britain

World Cup All-Star Team – SHL Hill and Successful Britain

This time the big world championship was over. The IIHF has now released six players who made a strong appearance at the World Cup, which was voted on by media representatives around the world.

Yesterday, Canada became the world champion for the 27th time in its history. The Canadians, who had a bad start to this World Cup with three world defeats, bounced back in a thrilling way and finally won the final 3-2 against Finland.

In connection with the final, the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) also provided the All-Star team for the tournament. At each World Championship, a handful of candidates from the media around the hockey world vote for players who excel a little more during the Championship.

Two players with Swedish affiliation have been voted in for the All-Star team. The German Moritz disciple, the best defender of the season, played for Raquel this season. He joins one of the two back-to-back World Cup best-placed teams with German back-to-back Corbinin Holzer.

Going forward, we see another player in touch with the Swedish league system this season. One of the biggest hype of the World Cup is Liam Kirk playing for Great Britain. Forward he started his last season at the Swedish Hockeyton and Hanhalls IF, where he had ten points from twelve matches. During the World Cup, he was successful for his country and scored seven goals and two assists, making him the best goal scorer in the World Cup before the playoffs.

Only two players from the final teams, Finland and Canada, were selected for the World Cup Best Team, while goalkeeper Juho Olkinura was ranked between the ranks, while Andrew Mangyapane, named the tournament’s most valuable player, took a place forward.

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All-star team, VM2021


Juho Olkinura, Finland


Moritz Disciple, Germany

Corbinian Holzer, Discland


Liam Kirk, United Kingdom

Connor Garland, USA

Andrew Mangyapane, Canada

Most Valuable Players (MVP)

Andrew Mangyapane, Canada