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Winner of Melodifestivalen 2022 |  movie top

Winner of Melodifestivalen 2022 | movie top

Sweden win has been reached!

The festival took place tonight at Melodifestivalen 2022. Of all the entries, the Swedish winner of the year has now been chosen.

Today at 20.00 was the Melodifestivalen 2022 Final. It was an exciting festival that, in the name of honesty, delivered a few surprises.

2022 Melodifestivalen Final – Starting Order

Clara Hammerström first came out with her song I run to the hill (Which we can now say isn’t a cover of the Iron Maiden classic.) Then we came to see Theos With his song as you like, followed by Anna Bergendahl Its strength number is the highest strength.

This is what the starting order looked like for the 2022 Mello Final:

1. Clara Hammerström – Run to the Hills
2. Theoz – As You Like
3. Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power
4. John Lundvik – Guardian Angel
5. Sekelius Ringtone – My Way
6. Anders Buggy – Bigger Than the Universe

7. Robin Bengtson – Innocent Love
Faith Kakimbo – Freedom
9. LIAMOO – BluFFin
Cornelia Jacobs – Hold Me Close
11. Gazi Obeya – I Can’t Get Enough
12. Medina – in the fog

Pre-directed favourites

It was my favorite in the evening Cornelia Jacobs With hold me close. Then we had Anders Baggie With Bigger than Univesa song in which he shows that he is at least as good at singing as he was in judging others in the long run Idol. In third place we found Clara Hammerström With I run to the hill.

Winner of Melodifestivalen 2022

Unsurprisingly, it was an evening favourite Cornelia Jacobs Who returned home victory hold me close (146 points). She will now go to Italy and compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place from May 10-14. Of course we keep our fingers crossed for a Swedish victory!

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