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Windows 11's Start menu has been rejected — and gets a hearing from Microsoft

Windows 11's Start menu has been rejected — and gets a hearing from Microsoft

Former Windows developer Andy Young experienced performance issues in Windows 11, especially with the search function in the Start menu. in Share on X It showed how the system eavesdropped on and then slowed down the computer, which had a Core i9 processor and 128GB of RAM, after he entered something into a search field.

The question “What's happening in Redmond?” He concluded the post, which has gained some traction on the social media platform. It turns out it was big enough for two Microsoft executives to notice.

The story doesn't end with frustrated young people and a few hundred Windows users expressing their dissatisfaction. in Share follow Young writes that he was contacted by Gene Gentleman, a high-ranking head of Microsoft's developer division, to recreate the problem and try to find the root cause. Scott Hanselman, a senior middle manager at the company, also contacted Young and seemed interested in the bug.

It remains to be seen whether or not this will actually solve Windows 11 problems, but the fact that there are relevant people at Microsoft who want to listen to users and investigate the problems they face is a good sign.

according to Latest Windows Start menu search issues are one of the most common complaints from Windows 11 users. These are usually related to Bing search starting when searching for a program on the computer or the start menu sometimes not registering the first keystrokes when searching.