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Windows 11 doesn't work perfectly with AMD's Ryzen.  Poor performance up to 15 percent

Windows 11 doesn’t work perfectly with AMD’s Ryzen. Poor performance up to 15 percent

If you’re running Windows 11 with an AMD Ryzen chip, AMD says you can expect slightly worse performance in some scenarios. According to the chip manufacturer’s support document, all processors that are officially compatible with the operating system should be affected, for consumer chips it is about everything from the Ryzen 2000 series from 2018 onwards.

The first problem that AMD discovered is that the L3 cache can have up to three times the response time, which affects the performance of some programs (up to 3-5 percent), but can reach 10-15 percent in some games. The second problem is the chip’s UEFI CPPC2 system, which communicates with the operating system about the best CPU cores that can achieve high boost speed for the specific task. For some reason, this is not always plugged in in Windows 11 and may degrade the performance of some programs, especially those with single threads.

So if you’re just planning to update your PC with an AMD chip to Windows 11, it might be worth waiting with the installation until the bugs are fixed. Fortunately, AMD and Microsoft are currently preparing bug fixes for both issues, and they should come later this month.

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