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Willis “Blue Scotty” Gibson, 13, does the impossible in a game of Tetris

Willis “Blue Scotty” Gibson, 13, does the impossible in a game of Tetris

Suddenly the game “Tetris” freezes.

Then 13-year-old Willis Gibson starts hyperventilating.

He realizes that he wrote history.

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Here the 13-year-old realizes that he has done the “impossible.”

picture: YouTube/Blue Scotty

Just a few years ago, it was impossible to play beyond level 29 in the classic game Tetris. On Tuesday, 13-year-old American Willis Gibson reached the level of 157.

Suddenly the game froze and crashed, and then he realized what he had done. He “played” Tetris until it became unplayable, something only AI had been able to do before According to the BBC.

When the 13-year-old completes this feat, he begins hyperventilating as he struggles to find words video Which shows the match sequence for 38 minutes.

– I'll faint, I'll faint, he repeats.

Meanwhile, he says he lost feeling in his fingers and hands and began shaking after the match stopped.

New technology

The so-called “kill screen” occurs when a player reaches such a high level that the nearly 40-year-old game is not coded to handle it – and thus crashes.

In 2010, competitive player Thor Aackerlund reached level 30 using a new technique where your fingers “vibrate” to move the control faster and thus be able to handle the tremendous speed at which blocks move in later levels.

With her help, 13-year-old Willis Gibson reached a level of his own at Tetris.

In addition to breaking the game, he also broke the scoring record and three other world records.

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