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Why was the private vaccination against tuberculosis not noted in my record?

Why was the private vaccination against tuberculosis not noted in my record?

The recent tuberculosis vaccination is not listed there because it was done by the Vaccinova company here in Västervik. (This is because it is no longer part of the health centers’ mission to administer TBE or other similar vaccines, but it is up to each healthcare provider, eds.).

Then I called Vaccinova asking why it wasn’t on my medical record and was then told I could fill it in myself!

Most people know that it is not permissible for a normal person to enter things in their journal.

Pointing this out to Vaccinova, who is therefore unaware of the matter! Then they asked me to buy the app because vaccination is included there!

How could a supposedly serious vaccination company not know that you can’t write 1177 yourself in your journal?

Why can’t the health center do the vaccinations until they are all written down in my medical record along with previous vaccinations?

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The author of the submission criticizes the fact that the vaccines she received via a vaccine company are not visible on her health care record and advocates for a tuberculosis vaccine within regular health care.

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Answer directly from Vaccinova:

We appreciate the question as it is very relevant. The answer is also simple, we are not allowed to register there …

This is a question that interests most private vaccinators across the country. No private clinics are currently entitled to register with the District Registration System, unless they have a sponsorship agreement relating to, for example, a Covid vaccine. (We have an agreement with Region Skåne and there we register in the Region system, i.e. it can be read to the customer via 1177).

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We do not have an agreement with the Kalmar region, although we would have liked to.

Therefore, the vast majority of private healthcare providers subscribe to their own private practice enrollment system. The two most common regimens are Riksvaccin and Mitt Vaccin. We use both, depending on where in Sweden that applies. My Vaccine is used in many areas, however private clinics are not allowed to register their vaccines (done outside regional care) so they are available on 1177. Such an agreement is welcome.

So we don’t have our own app or digital vaccination card. Most customers also want a good old paper vaccination card.

We have considered the possibility of building our own app while being a project that can’t be beat, considering GDPR etc.

However, there is a digital vaccination card built into the registration system you rent, which is provided by the supplier. Anyone who wants to download to their phone can do so, just as you write. Suppliers charge about SEK 20 per year for this service because it probably requires a lot of support.

With us, it’s always free if you want to get an extract from your medical record, so we don’t charge you anything. Customers email us to get their details if they lose the vaccination card they got from us when they got their vaccine.

Like I said, we’d like private clinics to also be able to sign up so clients can see their vaccines on 1177. That would have been great and a good service for our mutual clients. Especially when our customers demand it.

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However, we record all vaccinations in the National Immunization Register NVR. This happens automatically from the journaling system. It is for the purpose of enabling the country to access statistics on the number of people who have taken a particular vaccine, etc.

Like I said, the question is very relevant and hopefully there will be a change in the future.

Ulf Andersson, CEO/COO Vaccinova AB