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White is preparing internationally in the middle of a pandemic

White is preparing internationally in the middle of a pandemic

Despite the Corona pandemic, White Arkitekter continues to win international competitions and get more missions outside of Sweden’s borders. In 2020, the company was active on three continents and international operations accounted for just over ten percent of sales, which equates to about SEK 80 million. A number set to increase further in 2021 thanks to the company’s long-term business strategy and the large international demand for sustainable architecture.

In recent years, White’s international presence has increased sharply in line with the company’s strategic intentions. The foundation of international expansion is a strong business strategy that embraces knowledge sharing and globalization with a clear local presence in front of the old “fly in and out” strategy. The growing demand for sustainable architecture and the pursuit of climate neutrality have also benefited from the internationalization of the company, whose creative power is being pursued.

Our vision that all of our structures should be climate neutral as of 2030 means that we are at the forefront in terms of sustainability, transformation and timber construction – something much needed in our overseas markets, which is now gathering strength around climate. The fact that we were also ripe with digitization has been crucial in light of the pandemic and has enabled us to operate seamlessly across office boundaries and national boundaries, says Karl Baxstrand, White’s vice president responsible for internationalizing the company.

The recently launched initiative on the new European Bauhaus, in which the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen referred to the critical role of architecture in achieving the green transition, means that the timing of White’s expansion is optimal – not least in Germany where White had just taken over establishing itself. Actually – new office in Stuttgart.

Direct contact with the EU Green Deal and the wave of renewal opens up many interesting projects where circularity, climate and health are at the center. It’s a lot about changing cities to become climate neutral and more socially sustainable. In these areas, we are able to compete, and that has been a strong contributor to our advance in the German market, says Karl Baxstrand.

London is Wyatt’s fastest growing office. They recently won a prestigious assignment to design the new Cambridge Children’s Hospital as the new Moorfields Eye Hospital takes shape, as well as numerous projects in urban planning and housing. Thus, London had an exceptional year behind it with record sales and a majority of newly hired employees despite the pandemic and the planned economic situation.

In addition to its offices in London, Oslo and Stuttgart, White continues to strategically develop markets in Canada and East Africa. Here, the company addresses major challenges in terms of health, climate and urbanization, which are important steps in the really large North American and African markets. Examples such as the World Bank-funded Panzi Hospital run by Peace Prize-winning Dr. Denis Mukwege in the conflict-ridden province of Bukavu or the recently won mission of the climate-neutral New Montreal, Hippodrome, show the strength of Scandinavian know-how. .

Our international operations have evolved significantly in the past year. By operating in other countries in a context different from ours, we are challenging our views and standards. But in addition to a valuable and mutual exchange of knowledge, international expansion is a way to secure business forward by spreading our innovations in really large markets, says Karl Baxstrand.

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White Arkitekter is one of the leading architectural firms in Scandinavia. We work with architecture, design and sustainable urban development in an international context for current and future generations. Our mission is, with the power of architecture, to drive the transition to a sustainable life. Our vision is that by 2030, all of our projects will be robust and climate neutral. We are an employee-owned architecture group of around 800 employees with presence in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and East Africa.