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Where the Swedish Democrats are given power, chaos follows - action

Where the Swedish Democrats are given power, chaos follows – action

Despite fluctuating opinion numbers, the Swedish Democrats have made many important political advances. What’s new about this campaign is that they have fully adopted an entire government base for the neoconservative right-wing opposition that has emerged (consisting of M, KD, L and SD).

Already in the last elections, the party took a step into leadership positions and in many Scanian municipalities, including Hörby, the SD is a leading part of the municipal government. This change in strength was nothing but a Dance on the Roses (or Bluebell too, for that matter).

SD-top Black Hired Labor

The work previously reported on various events associated with the Swedish democratic government in Horby. There, after the 2018 elections, they seized power with the help of the moderates and the local party in favor of the Swedish Pensioners Party.

Since then, there has been a high rate of employee turnover, and white-collar workers have alerted the union about their unsustainable working situation.

In Aftonbladet’s “200 Seconds”, it has now been revealed that the SD Summit at Hörby Cecilia Bladh in Zito has paid black money in connection with a massive renovation being undertaken in the near future.

When she is confronted in the movie trailer with the fact that the cheating has been confirmed by four independent sources, she has no answers and is willing to respond via email even though she has never answered before.

In a follow-up article Interview byggnad chief Johan Lindholm, who barbs at the SD Summit.

And he sees the double weakness in that the Swedish Democrat who claims to defend Sweden and Swedish entrepreneurship choose to pay millions of blacks for foreign labour.

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SD is both right-wing and anti-union

If there is any conclusion we can draw from the actions of the Swedish Democrats, it is that he is not very keen on doing the right thing and paying taxes.

Everyone is individually and free to buffalo, cheat, mess around, and grab themselves to the best of their abilities. Contribution to the co-treasuries of the state and municipalities is not so important.

Nor does it address wage dumping in the construction sector. First and foremost, the upper SD Bladh in Zito will get a cheap refurbishment. The taxes, laws, and other troubles that ordinary Swedes need to deal with are minor.

And the guilds should know the cottage. If an employee feels mistreated under the SD rule, they should be removed. The unions have a lot of power and it’s better to stay away in a Swedish democratic utopia.

Sweden Democrats Chairman Jimmy Okerson has already opened up about the restriction of self-determination to trade unions. He also denies that they are a right-wing party, but this cheating anti-union behaviour, which cannot be interpreted as anything other than “the individual in focus”, is right-wing behavior as it is.

What we’ve seen so far is in all probability just the beginning. More hypocrisy and violations of the law are to be expected from a party that is clearly not as keen on law and order as they would like to present themselves (the list of already confirmed items is too long to be crowded here).

But we’ll also see more popular proposals from the right, which is now made up of three parties that in the last election campaign vowed so fiercely and sacredly that they would not be able to govern with SD — and SD.

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And where Sweden’s Democrats are given power, chaos follows.