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We don't really know what will happen at prayer time.

We don’t really know what will happen at prayer time.

in my youth I heard many sermons that helped me understand the meaning of prayer which increased my hunger for prayer and took new steps in this field. Prayer time becomes a completely different thing when we understand it as a personal communion with Jesus Christ. Fortunately, there is great tolerance on the part of God if we do not have “time” to pray, but at the same time we must not deceive ourselves. It is very necessary.

To draw a parallel to military activity, it can be likened to the difference between receiving fire support from the air or not.

We don’t really know what will happen at prayer time. A word from the Bible can come alive, accompanied by an amazing experience of God’s power, resulting in decisions with positive far-reaching consequences. You didn’t know God would speak there and then, but you don’t want to think about the idea that you would have missed such an opportunity.

An event like this, for example, led me to propose a woman who means so much to me! On another occasion, I was out of the country praying for a financial situation with the help of tongues. Suddenly the peace of God came and I left the place with thanks. On the way home, I had a chance to share my faith with a previously unknown person, and even the financial situation was resolved in a few days.

Despite the importance of a personal prayer life, I want to highlight the importance of common prayer. Just as the 120 disciples were filled with spirit and fire at Pentecost, so you and I can be as we wait before God.

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Have you heard Is there talk of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinndorf and the group of believers he assembled at Herrenhout in 1722? The first five years together were marked by controversies and controversies. They came from different religious backgrounds in search of freedom of religion, but their problems are very reminiscent of what we can see among Christians today. Then they yielded so fiercely to prayer, that it changed them forever.

Then the Herrnhut prayer continued uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day, for over a hundred years! They began to think thoughts by God’s command and kindled a burning fire within them to reach the lost. They were allowed to change the world, after God first allowed them to change them. They were filled with joyful faith to face the circumstances that cost them everything.

They established similar prayer centers in different countries, and every major revival of the 18th and 19th centuries can be traced back to Herrnhut. John Wesley’s encounter with this group of German believers on a ship bound for America led to his experience of salvation and his service as the standard-bearer of the Renaissance, the “Great Awakening,” which fundamentally changed Britain and the 13 colonies in America.

Do not be afraid So that the fire of the soul burns uncontrollably until the fire is completely reduced to us. God wants to change the world again and take care of people like you and me.

Next year will be 300 years since the group gathered at Herrnhut. I believe that God can similarly remove shame and fear in our lives, so that we can impart His presence to the environment.

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