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Wales also turns free - B1 Morning

Wales also turns free – B1 Morning

She is more confident and uses bigger words. The British Union, “Great Britain” is doomed, he says, when Wales becomes independent is a matter, not whether it will happen.

She is Gary Harper Rexham city in North Wales, Welsh nationalist Blade Zimru, candidate of the Welsh Parliament for the party that gives independence to Wales.

A week before the parliamentary election in Wales on Thursday, Gary Harper knocks on the door of a residential area in Rexham.

He and his four colleagues are preparing plans for a two-hour election campaign this evening. Gary has been a local politician for eight years for Blade Zimru, which means “party for Wales” in Welsh. Now he wants to take it to the next level, so the parliament in Cardiff aims for Scottish sovereignty.

Of all the elections held in the UK on Thursday, there are special conditions, there are no traditional election meetings with meetings and speeches due to the epidemic, instead there is a lot of campaign work online, but some days you have to go out and knock on doors.

In the first place, there will be no peace for Gary Harper and no one at home. But in second place it would be bingo.

When Nicola opens the door and spontaneously receives election materials from Gary Harper, she, her husband and many who know her say they are determined to give Blade Zimru a chance in this election. They have all voted for Labor before, but now they are some of the many in Wales who will openly vote for nationalists and pro-independence supporters.

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That is the problem of freedom However, Nicola did not have such a significant driving force. For her, it was about giving another party a chance.

– Labor has worked very well for many years, but now is the time for others to have the opportunity, he says.

Somehow, with that motivation, as a journalist he compiles a view you have encountered in many contexts recently from many voters in the UK. The desire for a change, something new, to give someone else or something else a chance.

The Brexit referendum is an example of the transition of traditional Labor voters from Labor to Boris Johnson’s Tories in the strong renewed waltz of Scottish independence activists, the debate and violence in Northern Ireland, about the political path, and about change.

Yes, this is a United Kingdom, I felt it, I have expressed in many statements before, it is now a solution with itself, its foundations, going to the referendum on Thursday.

Gary Harper continues knocking on his door at Rexham. A blackbird sings in the spring trees in the residential area, and in the next house she meets an already saved voter. High school teacher Daniel was sympathetic to Blade Zimru for many years.

– No, Daniel says that the London parties do not really represent us in Wales, and is eagerly supported by candidate Harper, who is throwing out one of the recurring allegations in British politics outside London. The two dominant political parties in Britain, the Tories and Labor, really only care about Southeast England and London.

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The purpose of the blade simru Get independent votes in five years, Scotland is expected to show the way.

A few weeks ago, a poll showed a overwhelming 39 percent support for Welsh independence. That number has since dwindled slightly, and it remains to be seen how much support there will be for Blade Zimru in Thursday’s election, but something is going on in Wales and the epidemic cannot be ruled out. Probably had an impact on the uprisings as well.

During the most difficult crisis of our time, the various countries in Britain have their own responsibility. Gary Harper says the people of Wales may have seriously felt for the first time that there was significant autonomy when Prime Minister Mark Drakeford was seen at television press conferences deciding the way forward for Wales during epidemics instead of the British PM.

Blade Zimru hopes to form a government in Wales with Labor, the traditional ruling party there, and from that position can begin to push more firmly on the issue of independence in a few years.