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VMS talent back home after adventure in Belgium: ‘Great experience’

VMS talent back home after adventure in Belgium: ‘Great experience’

Last week we wrote about ten-year-old Vimmerby boy Edwin Ostbrandt before he raced for Sweden in a major motocross competition in Belgium, which could be compared to the EC Youth Team. Sweden was represented by three 65cc racers (Edwin was one of them), three 85cc racers and three in the open class, all aged between 10 and 17 and selected by the Swedish Motorcycle Association (Svemo).

Edwin has now returned home to Vimmerby after a week full of experiences and impressions.

-It was so much fun to be there and experience it with my friends. I also met many new drivers. Edwin says: We had a very good time at Sverige Camp with a great time between trips.

Crashed in the last heat

Other countries participating in the Coupe de l´Avenir, as the annual competition is called, are Norway, Belgium, France, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and, for Sweden, a good fourth place finish overall. . This is despite the team experiencing several engine failures in total.

– I survived the engine failure and was able to collect points for the team on every occasion. I’m very proud of the fact that I had the ninth best time in Saturday’s qualifying, says Vimmerby MS talent.

– Things went well on Sunday as well, but I had a hit in the last heat, and I had to fight to climb from last place. It was a very difficult track to overtake, but I managed to at least get ten places before the finish line.

“It will be as good as the lead.”

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Edwin feels joyful when he talks about what he was a part of and what was a big dream for him.

– It was a really great experience driving against the best drivers in Europe. Although I still have a long way to go to reach the top, I now know what I should strive for; I’ll be as good as the lead. The course was no different to the one in Sweden and was the hardest I had ever experienced. The jumps were really huge.

What does an experience like this mean for your development as a motocross rider?

– What I learned on this trip is what training courses in Europe can look like and how strong the opposition is there. I think I have grown as a driver through this experience, and I will definitely feel that way next time I go to Gnagaredalen in Vimmerby. But the cold has to go away first, so it’s probably a real Belgian cold you’ve got. very funny. If I have time to recover before the weekend, I will ride the MX Outlet final in Linköping. I won the final last year there, so I would like to do it again this year.