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Virus on the rise – “Hand sanitizer is not enough”

Virus on the rise – “Hand sanitizer is not enough”

Popular foods – sold at Willy's and Hempcop – are recalled

A product that was available for sale in several Axfood supermarket chains is now being recalled.

Axfood stores include Hemköp and Willys.

Axfood is now releasing information about a recall of a popular food.

Plastic parts in the package

The product was recalled after pieces of plastic were found in some packages.

– After the supplier discovered pieces of plastic in some packages at the production facility during an inspection, Axfood opted for the recall for safety reasons, Axfood wrote in a press release.

The food indicated is Garant Tropical Juice without pulp, 1 liter, with a best before date of 04/19/2024.

Forbidden for sale

The juice was once available for sale in the majority of Axfood supermarket chains, but is now banned for sale and cannot be purchased.

– There is a risk that some of the packaging that has already gone into stores may contain dark plastic pieces, says Axfood.

It is said that no customer reactions have been reported.

Appeal to consumers

Axfood is now issuing a call to people who have purchased the product.

– All consumers who have purchased the product in question are requested to return it to the store from which it was purchased for an exchange in the first place.

The company states that it regrets what happened and is investigating with the supplier how this happened to ensure it does not happen again.

Not the first time

Last week, another food product was recalled.

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Coop then summoned cookies that could contain metal pieces.

– During a routine inspection, a cookie supplier discovered metal pieces in some product packaging, Coop said in connection with the discovery.

For security reasons, cookies have been withdrawn.

Exfod Facts

– The third largest food chain in Sweden after Ika and Kopp.

– Consists of a family of brands, including the retail chains Willys and Hemköp, as well as Tempo, Handlar'n and Matöppet.

– Axfood also includes Middagsfrid and Urban Deli as well as part-owned companies Apohem, Eurocash, City Gross and Mathem. The main owner is Axel Johnson AB with 50.1 percent of the shares.

– It has more than 13,000 employees throughout Sweden. Net turnover for 2022 reached SEK 73,474 million.

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