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Video: President Joe Biden tests an electric car: 'That bastard was fast'

Video: President Joe Biden tests an electric car: ‘That bastard was fast’

US President Joe Biden promised a greener future with reduced car emissions. Among other things, the state fleet will be modernized with 650,000 electric cars.

He has previously praised domestic manufacturers such as Tesla and Rivian and investments in electric vehicles from traditional manufacturers such as Ford and GM. Now we see Biden behind the wheel of an electric car.

Ford invited Biden to test drive the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning pickup. In a video clip from the event, we see a noticeably turned on boss. He clearly finds it difficult to refrain from experiencing the direct, stepless acceleration provided by the electric driveline.

– This bastard was fast, says Biden in a video before setting off on a new sprint.

Tonight is the premiere of Ford’s new F-150 Lightning electric truck. Getting the President of the United States to give up the right to drive on public roads at all times to come when he becomes president is a major PR achievement for Ford. In addition, he replied that he could definitely consider getting the F-150 Lightning after a test drive.

Footnote: The Observer is of the opinion that Joe Biden is not driving himself. The bodyguard in the passenger seat is actually the person driving an additional steering wheel. US presidents are not allowed to drive themselves.

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