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Veterinarians are thought to have given people their dog vaccinations

Veterinarians are thought to have given people their dog vaccinations

Two Chilean vets are being investigated for giving at least 75 people a vaccine against Corona in the months before the Covid-19 vaccine, intended for humans, arrives in the country.

Approved vaccine – intended for humans. Photo gallery.picture: Paul Sancia / AP / TT

The two are accused of injecting people with a developed vaccine for coronary artery disease in dogs, which is not the same as SARS-Cove 2, that is, the virus that causes Covid-19.

The whole thing was discovered in September last year when envoys from the country’s health authorities discovered that staff at a veterinary clinic in Calama, northern Chile, were working without a mouthguard. The staff claimed to have been vaccinated by a local veterinarian.

It wasn’t until December that the first coronavirus vaccines arrived in the country.

It turns out that another veterinarian has used the dog vaccine on humans.

This is very dangerous, says Minister of Health of the Region Antofagasta Rosana Diaz.

Chile has so far given at least one dose of the approved Covid-19 vaccine to nearly 7.7 million people, with the goal of vaccinating 15.2 million of nearly 19 million people.

The country has recorded 1.1 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 25,000 related deaths.

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