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Valve doubles Steam Deck production

Valve doubles Steam Deck production

The portable Steam Deck launched in the cold February of this year. So far, the product has proven to be significantly hotter with its long-term status on Steams Best seller, a list where the single hardware product is surrounded by games. However, high demand has drawbacks and only those who were the fastest to book got their units.

Right now, anyone who wants to request a delivery date will meet sometime after the third quarter of the year. Now the situation appears to be brighter, as Valve ramps up production to ease the situation and better meet demand. This is confirmed by a Steam Deck profile on Twitter announcing that production has recently doubled. They also add that they will soon begin sending out emails to the third wave of pre-bookings that promised an opportunity to buy during the third quarter of the year.

Like many others, due to a lack of circuits and components, Valve had to postpone the Steam Deck launch, which contributed to long waiting times for those who booked in advance. The valve does not specify where the bottleneck is located in the production line. However, in recent months, the situation has improved and access to graphics cards has improved, among other things. It could also extend to AMD’s Zen 2-based system circuit that runs Steam Deck.

Valve has not yet updated the estimated delivery times, but announces in its post that from now on it can deliver twice as many units per week. Thus, escalating deliveries should result in shorter waiting times, even if the future shows to what extent.

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