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Vaccination against HPV took place in Jönköping

Vaccination against HPV took place in Jönköping

Hey girl in Jönköping! You born between 1994 and 1999 are currently offered the HPV vaccine for free. When you get vaccinated, you protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer affects more than 500 women every year. But a future without cervical cancer is possible. We can get there together. Get vaccinated today.

Vaccinate yourself even if you have been vaccinated before

It is important to get vaccinated even if you have received the HPV vaccine before. The vaccine used now (Gardasil9) provides better protection than what was used in the past.

Studies indicate that it is safe to take the new vaccine even if you have taken the previously used vaccine (Gardasil4).

Sweden could be first in the world With the elimination of cervical cancer. But time is short if we want to reach the goal. Your contribution is needed now.

Book an appointment here

You can book a time that suits you to get vaccinated at one of the health centers and midwife clinics listed here:

Book your appointment on 1177

Here you can get vaccinated in Jönköping

Lesibo Care Centre
Storgatan 67

Gyongbei Gynecology Clinic
Kirkugatan 2
For Jongbei

Health Center Kungshögen
Kungshugsgatan 25
For Jongbei

Lagan Care Centre
Varnamovagin 8
For Jongbei

Internship service Vårdcentren
Nora Torgatan 8
For Jongbei

Health center Gränsbygdkliniken
Drottninggatan 3

Reed Care Center
Nora Huntverkaregatan 6

Gynecology clinic Vaxjo
Strandwagen 8

Achima Care Växjö
Larkgatan 4e

Care Center Kabio Hofshaga
Pomonaphagen 2

Rotten Care Centre
Lubanaswagen 5

Scarvet Health Centre
Sudra Jarnvagsgatan 22

Teleburg Health Centre
Sudra Valvexwagen 1

Health Care Center Växjöhälsan Växjö
Hurtwagen 1

Achima Care Health Center Älmhult
Kungsgatan 14

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Book your appointment on 1177

That's how things go

You receive the vaccine by injection into the upper arm.

The most common side effect is that you can feel pain where the injection was given. You may also feel a little red or swollen in the same place.

When you get vaccinated, you also get an HPV self-test to use afterward. Self-test is necessary to check if you already have an HPV infection in your body that needs follow-up.

Safe vaccine

More than 100 million doses of the vaccine have been administered worldwide, and it has been thoroughly tested in clinical trials.

Studies have looked at severe side effects, such as serious injuries and illnesses, and there is no evidence of such side effects.

Two girls and a dog
Together we can eliminate cervical cancer. Photo: Sanna Percival