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2,303 women in the province are missing in the fight against HPV

2,303 women in the province are missing in the fight against HPV

If more than 70% of women born in 1994-1999 vaccinate themselves against HPV before the end of the year, Sweden could reach the goal of being the first country to eliminate HPV and cervical cancer through vaccination.

Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer among women between the ages of 20 and 49 years. Thanks to research, it is now possible to be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer, HPV. By vaccinating a sufficiently large portion of the population, it will be possible to completely eliminate cervical cancer. Sweden now aims to eliminate the disease by 2027, the Cancer Foundation wrote in a press release.

Sweden is one breath away from being the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer. It is a historic investment as the disease can be eradicated in just three years. The mere idea is dizzying, says Ulrika Areheid Kagström, secretary general of the Cancer Foundation.

For this reason, Sweden's regions are now investing heavily in mass vaccination of women born between 1994 and 1999, who are selected as a target group most at risk of infection with the virus, which is spread through sexual contact.

Vaccination is free for the target group, and in order to successfully reach the target, at least 70 percent of women must be vaccinated before the end of the year. Today, only 32% of Sweden has been vaccinated. In Vastmanland, a participation rate of 44 percent was achieved, and in order to reach 70 percent, a further 2,303 women in the Vastmanland region need to be vaccinated.

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– So the matter is not related to any astronomical numbers, but rather the opposite. 2,303 women wouldn't even fill Vasteras Square. In other words, this should be entirely possible, but time is short. Now, more women in the target group need to reach the nearest vaccination clinic, for their own sake and for the sake of all women, says Ulrika Areheid Kagström.

Highest participation in HPV vaccination in Sweden

  • Kalmar region: 47%
  • Kronoberg area: 46%
  • Uppsala region: 45%

Less participation in HPV vaccination in Sweden

  • Södermanland region: 14%
  • Scania region: 16%
  • Dalarna Region: 16%