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V75 Profile Christer “Chrille-Krukan” Ericsson has HIV

Krister “Krill Crokan” Eriksson on Tough Times with HIV • Says in the podcast “Sweden’s Top 1”

V75 profile, Ericsson Christer “Chrille-Krukan” won $56 million over the 2012 V75.

I Aftonbladet Podcast “Top 1 in Sweden” He talks about the big win and that he was diagnosed with HIV.

– I’ve been sick for nearly two years, he says.

See the interview: Here Crokan talks about big wins and illness.

Krister “Krill Crokan” Ericsson became a national celebrity when in 2012 he earned SEK 56.3 million on the V75 – the second highest profit ever.

“Chrille” immediately chose to admit that he and his gang were behind the big win.

– I watched the races in my sports bar, Crokan, and it was a perfectly normal work day. But after the race, visitors did not have a waiter, ha ha. Before the last race, I told those who were at their place in the restaurant that they could go and take whatever they wanted themselves. The feeling was great, he told Trav365 in the days after the big win.

Shock message: ‘Ten million viruses’

The popular V75 coil has been featured over the years in both newspapers and television.

Nowadays, he’s an expert on Sportbladet trotting in Skrällkollen, providing his best tips and ideas before every V75 run.

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In the last episode of Aftonbladet Podcast “Top 1 in Sweden” He tells about a much darker period in his life – when he was diagnosed with HIV and prostate cancer two years ago.

the host Morey Hermondson He interviews Christer Erickson, 59, who answers candidly the questions that have turned life upside down.

– I’ve been sick for nearly two years. At first I contracted HIV and then I developed prostate cancer. It just came, ‘Boom’. It went quickly. I was so sick when I got into the ambulance’s infection control unit that I had 40.8 fevers and ten million viruses in my body. Kills the immune system. You must receive treatment immediately, otherwise it may turn into AIDS. He says today I know everything about this but then I didn’t know anything podcasts.

See the interview: Here Crokan talks about big wins and illness.

Get help from a psychiatrist

The message came as a shock to Crocan, who chose to seek help from a psychiatrist.

– You think you’re “Superman”. No matter what happens, you are moving forward in life. I’ve tried it for two months. It probably took three months, then I had to get help from a psychiatrist and I still do it today, Erickson says and continues:

– I found out I had Covid-19 disease and I didn’t tell anyone.

Despite the difficulties, today Christer can see the light in the tunnel.

Just a few days ago, he received a letter of joy from the doctors.

– I was declared healthy last Thursday from cancer. He’s 100 percent gone, and he’ll never get it back, wrapping up his well-known trot file.


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