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USÖ receives millions for study on prostate cancer – Örebro Tribune

USÖ receives millions for study on prostate cancer – Örebro Tribune

A research group at Örebro University Hospital wants to evaluate an assessment tool used before radiotherapy for prostate cancer. They recently received $1.3 million from the Prostate Cancer Society for their study, they wrote in a press release.

There is a continuous development in different treatments in cancer care. One way to estimate which patients will experience side effects during prostate cancer radiotherapy is to perform evaluations in advance.

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The benefit of treatment depends on the patient's weakness

In order to avoid over- or under-treatment of an elderly cancer patient, an assessment of the patient's frailty should be made with every treatment decision.

— We think about how the treatment affects the patient's quality of life and whether the treatment is beneficial for the patient, says Emma Olson Nevo, associate professor and research supervisor at the University Health Research Center.

The benefit of treatment depends on the elderly patient's frailty, other diseases, and health condition, as well as the intended treatment effect and side effects.

Check which frail elderly people benefit from treatment

— By being able to predict who is at risk of developing severe side effects from radiotherapy, healthcare can better prepare and monitor these patients individually and put in place timely support measures, says Sofia Axelsson, a nurse specialist in radiation oncology. Department and PhD student at Örebro University.

Geriatric models that identify frail older adults and multimorbidity are used in geriatric care to support treatment decisions and are recommended for use in cancer care.

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“Since there are no scientific studies on the benefit of shapes in radiotherapy for older people with prostate cancer, in this study we want to investigate whether the aging shape, which was developed for cancer care, can predict side effects from radiotherapy,” says Emma Olsson Nevo. .


  • The ability of the geriatric assessment tool to predict side effects of therapeutic radiation in elderly prostate patients is part of the research project Radiotherapy of frail elderly people for optimal individual health-related quality of life: individualized decision making For fragile radiotherapy Akbar, mate. The research project will evaluate the importance of assessment tools for predicting side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer.
  • In this study, participants are patients aged 70 years and older who will be treated with curative radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Currently, recruitment in the field of health and medical care is taking place in Örebro, Gävle, Västerås and Eskilstuna. The study is expected to continue throughout the year.
  • The project group consists of researchers Emma Olsson-Nevo, Antonis Valachis and Sofia Axelsson at Örebro University Hospital as well as Per Wiese in the Gälborg region and Per Fransson from Umeå University.