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US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen in Ukraine for meetings

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen in Ukraine for meetings

The U.S. government plane with Anthony Blingen landed at Kiev Borisburg International Airport early Wednesday morning and was greeted on the runway by Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Kuleba. Meets with President Volodymyr Zhelensky at 12.30pm local time.

Several officials and advisers will meet with Blinken and Guleba at 15.30 before the end of the day formally at a joint press conference. The U.S. delegation will travel to Berlin on Thursday and to Geneva on Friday.

In Berlin, there are meetings with the Foreign Minister On the agenda is a meeting with Annalena Barbach, as well as the so – called Atlantic Quad, Boris Johnson’s defense diplomatic effort between the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. On Friday, Anthony Blingen and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov will meet.

“Bilateral issues and Russia must take austerity measures and withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine,” is on the Plingen agenda for the Geneva talks. The announcement of the White House’s planned trip was triggered by “Russian military restructuring and continued occupation of Ukraine.”

At the same time, Lavrov called on both the United States and NATO to guarantee that the former Soviet republics would not expand their military alliance or maintain arms in those areas. Repeated requests came in connection with the Lavrov Annalena celebrity encounter in Moscow.

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