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US President Nancy Pelosi at her seat in Taiwan

US President Nancy Pelosi at her seat in Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi arrived before 5 pm in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

“Our delegation’s visit to Taiwan respects the United States’ unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy,” the spokeswoman wrote on Twitter after her arrival.

Early Sunday, information came from diplomatic sources to CNN that Nancy Pelosi, in connection with her tour of Asia, will visit the practically independent island nation of Taiwan. The data led to warnings from the Chinese side. Among other things, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it “will not end well” for US politicians who are “playing with fire”. During Tuesday, China also halted imports of 35 Taiwanese food suppliers.

Immediate criticism from China

Pelosi’s arrival on Tuesday drew immediate criticism from China. State media reported that military exercises would take place later this week. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the visit seriously violated “China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” according to Reuters news agency.

China has previously warned the United States against interfering in China-Taiwan relations – and believes that Taiwan has no right in its foreign relations.

‘Potentially very dangerous’

Niklas Sjogren, a former SVT Asia correspondent, says that although Taiwan practically functions as an independent country, China considers it part of Chinese territory.

They want the outside world to back away from Taiwan’s side, says Niklas Sjogren.

– And in this case, a senior politician in the United States is visiting Taiwan, which is a huge thing that stands out, of course.

How serious is this visit?

It could potentially be so dangerous that both the United States and China have acted in these next few days.

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It is a very dangerous situation and relations between the two countries are already strained, says Borge Leungren, a former ambassador to Beijing.

– But I think it can be dealt with, he tells SVT.

According to Taiwan and US media, Pelosi is expected to visit parliament and meet with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday.

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Since 1949, the People’s Republic of China has aimed to reunify the island of Taiwan with the mainland. picture: SVT