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US Department of Justice sues Georgia over election law

US Department of Justice sues Georgia over election law

“Our complaint alleges that amendments to Georgia’s election laws were made with the aim of denying Georgians their right to vote on the basis of race or skin color,” Merrick Garland said at a news conference on Friday.

It was in March as a state Georgia, which is governed by Republicans, has introduced electoral laws that experts consider discriminatory against black voters.

The new laws entail, among other things, drastic cuts to early voting, stricter ID requirements for mail-in voting, and reduced polling stations, which election experts and human rights groups believe will particularly hurt black voters.

Moreover, the provision of water and food to those standing and queuing outside polling stations is prohibited by law, which is controversial because queues for polling stations in Georgia have always been the longest in black areas, with many queuing for more than five hours in the 2020 presidential election.

Friday’s announcement is seen as a major step in the Biden administration’s offensive against laws that deny or restrict the right to vote for certain demographic groups, The New York Times reports.

“This lawsuit is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure that everyone eligible to vote can vote as well, that all legal votes count and that every voter has access to accurate information,” Merrick Garland said.

Georgia Republicans have In turn, he argued that the law was necessary to protect the privacy of voters.

Democrat Joe Biden of Georgia, which has voted Republican for many years, won the presidential election. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly unjustifiably claimed electoral fraud after losing the presidential election and has focused specifically on Georgia in allegations of vote fraud and fraud.

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Critics say Trump’s ongoing allegations of election fraud and the introduction of a controversial election law are linked to an attempt to halt democratic progress in Georgia.

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