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Ulf Christerson welcomes Finland’s NATO message

Thursday morning The expected message came From President Sauli Niinisto and Social Democratic Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Both want Finland to apply for NATO membership.

“Very good, distinct and clear that they are doing it together and that they want a quick Finnish decision,” says M leader Ulf Christerson.

Swedish Social Democrats They will make a decision about choosing their route on Sunday. Ulf Christerson says the Finnish position makes it likely that there will also be an S yes in Sweden.

If the Social Democrats make the decision we expect, we can move forward quickly with very broad agreement. In this case, six out of eight parties will agree.

Ulf Christerson believes that rapid action is of great importance.

– We’ll accompany Finland. Quick official decisions so that we can jointly submit our application with Finland.

The leader of the Christian Democrats wrote on Twitter that the Finnish message was “welcome and eager”. Also take the opportunity to submit a request:

“Now we make sure to do this with our Finnish brothers and sisters,” Bush writes.

The text has been updated.

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